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Let "skill charging" become the "booster pump" for enterprises to go forward

   "Paper school to finally feel shallow, absolutely know this matter to practice", in order to further strengthen the professional knowledge reserve of enterprise employees, improve the ability of work business, recently, the company organized technical consultants and new employees came to laizhou sewage treatment plant for a visit to learn. Study, the students a comprehensive understanding of the whole process of the wastewater treatment process, processing architecture and chain management system, the sewage discharging standard of grading pretreatment, sludge sedimentation and biological aeration filter, flocculation oxidation, sludge reflux and other specific management processes and AAO process node in different sections of technical essentials have deep intuitive understanding.
    In recent years, the company according to do fine, specialization, people have my superior technical requirements, and strive to strengthen the knowledge the backbone troop construction, to strengthen and form a complete set of environmental protection industry of common technical docking and mutual harmony, pay attention to the injection of fresh elements, widely used in the teaching practice, learning to master the forefront of led technology, enhance the level of specialization of production. Company since was established successively with nanjing university of technology, south China university of science and technology, Qingdao polytechnic university and other colleges and universities to establish the cooperation of production, study and training projects, has a number of national, provincial and utility model patent production, has won the "high-tech enterprises in shandong province", "national quality credit enterprise" and so on many awards, respectively by the national quality system certification, environmental protection system certification, and highly professional certification SGS certification on the spot. Company in the process of forming of fine petrochemical wastewater treatment engineering technology research center, has carried out a series of chemical industry and fine chemical industry wastewater treatment related technology consulting, upgrade, EPC project contractor, specific pollutants catalytic processing technology development and service, the depth of oxidation technology upgrading and sewage technology related intellectual property rights transfer and services such as technical services. Based on the Internet of things and big data technology, combined with the rural sewage treatment technology, the company also designed and developed the remote operation and maintenance system of sewage equipment, realized real-time monitoring of mobile phones and computer clients, and assisted the enterprise's industrial advantages by relying on science and technology.