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Details determine success or failure, modular sewage treatment -- shandong sunrise east


With the roar of traffic, three sets of modular sewage treatment equipment are hoisted and ready to start.

"The order of such large environmental protection equipment depends on the craftsman spirit that the company always adheres to the customer first and strives for perfection. Shandong xuridong machinery co., ltd. is a professional environmental protection technology enterprise integrating environmental protection technology innovation, environmental protection equipment manufacturing, environmental protection products integrated supply and related technical services. It is not a large volume, but the company's sewage treatment equipment and technology is well-known in the industry, by domestic and foreign customers favor.
"Scientific and technological innovation is the 'passport' for sunridong to open the international market." Li said that in the process of enterprise development, the company attaches importance to increasing cooperation with scientific research institutions and universities, so that enterprises can directly become the base of university research and development. It has successively cooperated with nanjing university of technology, south China university of technology, Qingdao university of technology and other universities, established the "production, study and research base", and established the "weifang fine petrochemical sewage treatment engineering technology research center", the enterprise's hematopoietic function has been enhanced. Carry out technical consultation, upgrading and transformation, EPC project general contracting, catalytic treatment technology development and services for specific pollutants, in-depth catalytic oxidation technology upgrading and intellectual property transfer and services related to sewage treatment technology of chemical industry and fine chemical industry. The company won the "shandong province high-tech enterprise", "national quality integrity enterprise", and passed the SGS field certification, talking about the company's achievements, li qiang as many as Jane.
"The energy conservation and environmental protection industry is a strategic emerging industry and an important basis for the construction of ecological civilization. It is not only a new driving force, but also a driving force for the improvement of the ecological environment." "Li qiang said. With the development of the enterprise and the continuous growth of the research and development team, sunridong's product categories have developed from the beginning of simple domestic sewage treatment equipment to the present large-scale industrial sewage equipment, chromium precipitator, advanced oxidation catalytic equipment, water plant mud scraping and suction equipment, sludge filtration and dehydration equipment and dozens of varieties. Sunridong has the right of independent import and export, the market also began to radiate domestic and southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other regions, and set up branch offices in Vietnam ho chi minh city and gansu lanzhou city, zhejiang, guangdong, hebei and guangxi, and set up two overseas offices in Indonesia, India.
"Under the condition of market economy, enterprise integrity is not only the requirement of the society and the majority of users on the enterprise, but also the primary condition for the development and growth of the enterprise itself. The enterprise has integrity, which is not only a sign of the development and maturity of the enterprise, but also a manifestation of the strength of enterprise and entrepreneur personality. Li qiang said, integrity, is the essence of enterprise culture, it is because of the company's high-quality service and good credit, the company's products and services have won the recognition of customers, the company was named by the shandong provincial bureau of industry and commerce "honor the contract and honor the enterprise.
In terms of the operation of sewage treatment technology, the environmental protection field has always been known as the technical boundary: once a sewage treatment plant with a daily treatment of hundreds of thousands of tons is in stable operation and has great inertia, it is difficult to make it fail to meet the standard. In terms of sewage treatment process operation, the smaller the scale of facilities, the more difficult it is to operate stably. To solve these problems, the sun east based on Internet of things and big data technology, combined with the rural sewage treatment process, design and develop a set of sewage equipment remote operations system, real time control of the water quality in mobile phones, computers and so on the client and the processing ability, the maximum energy saving, can effectively solve the problems of the current sewage treatment operation. In the fierce market competition to find their own advantages, in order to improve product profits.
Sunridong produces the most non-standard large sewage treatment equipment, according to the customer demand of sewage types and water volume design, to customer place water samples, different products customized. "By constantly researching and developing environment-friendly technologies, we can fill some gaps in related fields in China, not only allowing the company to go further, but also benefiting the country and future generations," li said.
In recent years, the environmental protection equipment industry of zhucheng has mushroomed like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, and the development momentum is very rapid. There are more than 300 environmental protection enterprises of large and small size, occupying about 20% of the national market, forming the pattern of "yixing in the south and zhucheng in the north". Qi bingshun, President of zhucheng environmental protection equipment industry association, said that "zhucheng manufacturing" is constantly expanding, and the environmental protection equipment industry has become one of the most rapid and promising industries in the industrial development of zhucheng. The environmental protection industry in zhucheng is small and numerous, and it is urgent for more high-tech enterprises like sunridong to accelerate the transformation of old and new driving forces through technological transformation, so as to shape new competitive advantages and development driving forces