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Busy busy lunar calendar month full and thick - east - rising sun shandong


The rising sun in shandong province in the twelfth lunar month is still busy, delivering pulp equipment to kazakhstan

In recent years, shandong sun east machinery co., LTD. Has always been in accordance with the "ent industry set product, the good faith" the management idea, do their own homework, laying solid foundation industry, betting craftsmen will god, strict management, to the every detail to do the work of production, in the fierce market competition with a powerful punch.
First, armed their own business development as the "CPU". The company USES the internal exchange learning organization + out training way, real-time understand and learn the forefront of innovative products, on a regular basis to participate in various exhibitions at home and abroad, and field visit to the United States, Japan and other developed industrial countries production site, to a higher level of product technology, production technology and new equipment back to the company, direct production, promote technical specifications of the file to upgrade and improve quality. At the same time the company pay attention to increase the cooperation with scientific research units and colleges and universities, successively with nanjing university of technology, south China university of technology, Qingdao university of science and technology, such as colleges and universities cooperation, formed a "production base", and set up "weifang fine petrochemical wastewater treatment engineering technology research center", chemical industry and fine chemical industry wastewater treatment related technical advice, upgrade, EPC project contractor, specific pollutant catalytic treatment technology development and other services, the company in recent years also won the "high-tech enterprises in shandong province" and passed the SGS certification on the spot.
Second, the product excellence as the enterprise operation "motherboard". Product talk is the company has always insisted on the foundation of the market, but also to win the market power of the most powerful chip. On the basis of inheriting the original molding welding technology, the company actively hired the retired technical teachers from the welding platforms of China national offshore oil corporation and China national offshore oil corporation to come to the workshop to guide the operation and further improve the welding level. Workshop also regularly carry out technology competition, in the company to create a strong atmosphere of learning and catching up, constantly polished efficient, exquisite production and operation technology. On the basis of guarantee the hardware acceleration, the company further strengthen the software research and development, based on the Internet of things and big data technology, combined with the rural sewage treatment technology, sewage equipment was designed and developed a set of remote operations system, real time control of the water quality in mobile phones, computers and so on the client and the processing ability, maximize the saving energy and reducing consumption, solving many problems of the current sewage treatment operation, found themselves in the fierce market competition advantage.
Three, the strict internal management as the enterprise to promote the "running memory". Management to benefit, management to promote development is the company has always adhered to the human resources management mode, but also to promote the enterprise speed up the development of the internal requirements. The company's immovable twice-weekly regular meeting has gradually become the company's internal information sharing platform, and everyone has become a beneficiary and devotee. The company always insists on asking advice from employees, and actively helps employees to tide over difficulties. The human care of "finding a company when it is difficult" eliminates the worries of employees beyond work. Formally through a series of humanized management for the enterprise to provide a strong logistics support, the company is up and down the people forward, joint efforts and collusion, twisted into a can win a battle, a tough battle of steel rope.
Four, will perfect customer service as the enterprise ahead of the "graphics card". The customer is supreme, mutual benefit and win-win outcome is a single company to undertake any business must adhere to the principle of every processing customized products, the company is the field to the production site for water monitoring, on the premise of high removal rate, low energy consumption, according to the types of sewage and water, design of different sewage treatment scheme of highly personalized, effectively realize low cost operation and discharging standard, ensure that the interests of customers and the company a win-win situation. It is because the company's high quality service and good credit, the company has won the market and customer recognition, also is this year in shandong province industrial and commercial bureau awarded "enterprise of observing contracts and keeping promise", the company's products also leap development to the present large-scale industrial sewage equipment, in addition to the chromium precipitator, advanced oxidation catalytic equipment, water scraping mud, sludge filtration dehydration equipment, dozens of varieties. The company also has the independent import and export right, the market also radiates to the whole country as well as America, southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other regions, and has set up branches in Vietnam ho chi minh city and gansu lanzhou city, set up offices in zhejiang, guangdong, hebei and guangxi, and set up two overseas offices in Indonesia, India.
The steps of forging ahead are steadfast and firm, the accumulated success is thick and solid, and the sunrise east is striding towards the future with a more confident look.